Electrolitic etching on copper

Vajkard 2012

Vajkard workshop tries to join participants from different social, national and geographically specific environments, under the same roof made of trees, just the right distance from the civilization. This distance allows us to connect more intensively.
Each one has an opportunity to learn different techniques of artistic expression, such as illustration,lithography, painting, pottery, photography, sculpture and many more. We encourage people to make experiments with natural materials in their work, that’s how we connect art to nature, not only by motif.
With the exhibition at the end of Vajkard workshop we represent the ideas to the public, the exhibition is seen by average three thousand viewers per year. We settle it in a castle Snežnik, which is one of the most beautiful Slovenian castle-museums.
Because we have had participants from quite a few European countries along with our home country Slovenia (Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Finland, France), the workshop is considered one of the biggest inter-cultural projects in our region.